“Kumamoto-ken Travel&Products EXPO in Keelung”In March next year, Keelung Port will initially sail to the port of Yatsushiro-shi.

  • Category:Hot News
  • Date:2019-11-18

Kumamoto-ken has become one of international friendship cities of Keelung last year. During these two days (Nov.16&Nov.17), Yatsushiro-shi delegation comes to Keelung the fifth time to hold the Travel&Products EXPO, and the event makes the whole E-square filled with a joyful atmosphere. Mayor Lin declared in the opening ceremony that there will have 8 liners to Yatsushiro-shi from March the next year.


The good news of cruise industry in both cities is going to launch 8 Princess Cruise liners from Keelung to Yatsushiro. Since Keelung has upgraded to the home port of liners, the different operations will offer innovative experiences to visitors, which is the biggest collaboration fruit between two cities.


In addition to appreciation of the citizen delegation from Yatsushiro-shi, Mayor Lin is looking forward to visiting them by cruise in March the next year.


The Department of Civil Affairs said that the opening hours of Travel&Products EXPO is from 12 pm to 7 pm on Nov 16th and Nov 17th, interspersed with six Kumamon performance programs. On-site exhibition of various local products present a wonderful Japanese culture, art and food feast.