Keelung Industrial Tourism –Experience the Charm of Industrial Skills

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  • Date:2019-06-20

Source: Department of Economic Affairs, Keelung City Government


Who says that factories are always noisy and filled with smoke and fumes? After adopting an innovative business model based on the merger of tourism and education, factories have been transformed into tourism ones, retaining their original production function while also upgrading brand and product marketing skills plus profound educational significance through their role in passing on cultural heritage.


Education & Scenery – A Fun Ride

Take a fulfilling day trip to Keelung! You can set off by bicycle at dawn, riding the Waimushan Coastal Avenue Tourist Bikeway, passing Ocean Plaza and Smile Bay, enjoying beautiful scenery and the cool sea breeze on the way, then turn into Dawulun Industrial Area to visit four interesting tourist factories – E TAI Enterprise Bathroom & Kitchen Tourist Factory,

Stanley-Glass Technology Center, Hai Zhi Wei Hot-Pot Culture Space, and Kui You Tourism Factory – that offer food, fun, and cultural experiences all day long.

Dawulun Industrial Zone is close to local scenic spots such as Lovers’ Lake, Dawulun Fort,

Waimushan Coast, Baimiweng Fort, and Fairy Cave. What is more, the region can extends to Yeliu,Jinshan Hot Springs, and other major attractions in New Taipei City. So why not plan a one-day or twoday trip that is educational and allows you to soak in the unique charm of Keelung’s cultivated skills?


E TAI Enterprise Bathroom & Kitchen Tourist Factory The first bathroom equipment tourism factory in Asia, E TAI has an exhibition center over 3,000 square meters divided into five areas: Health and LOHAS Hall, HOUSETEC Japan Kitchen & Bathroom Lifestyle Hall, Bathroom Culture Hall,European Fashion Hall, and 1560 Keelung Story Hall. In addition to displaying the latest bathroom and kitchen goods, the factory presents the exclusive 3D bathroom model design in Taiwan.

1560 Keelung Story Hall focuses on the rich history of Keelung.The hall centers on a reproduction of Keelung’s old landmark, the Keelung Post Office, forming a Victorian style corridor and telling the story of 450 years of city history. When visitors leave, they not just carry bags full of souvenirs, but also a lot of memories.


Stanley-Glass Technology Center

The Center is a semi-transparent building that, from afar, looks like rainbows stacked on top of one another. Inside the building the energy-saving and carbon-reduction themed Photonics Technology Glass Hall combines photonics and solar power, cleverly combining multi-media technology and glass application. The avenue from collapsing glaciers to the boulevard expresses the concepts of energy saving and environmental protection completely. In the luxurious Home Furniture Technology Glass Hall, various glass furniture items are on display. The most important part is the Architectural Technology Glass Hall, which has a vast array of architectural glass applications as well as principles that includes innovative glass application products Stanley Glass has developed over the past few years.


Hai Zhi Wei Hot-Pot Culture Space

The only hot-pot culture tourism factory in Taiwan, this one mainly engages in the production and sale of frozen minced fish foods. There are more than 120 hot-pot ingredients including boiled, deep-fried dumplings and steamed or roasted food. Products range from traditional fish, shrimp, pork, and squid dumplings to innovative Japanese-style ingredients, emphasizing on low calories as well as low cholesterol to meet the trend for healthy diet.

Hai Zhi Wei Hot-Pot Culture Space has different areas for souvenir, food processing, tasting, and DIY activities that fully displays the food producing process. The fish ball DIY allows customers to learn about the food producing process while enjoying their hot pot. Meanwhile,they also show the quality assurance of Hai Zhi Wei’s products.