Keelung Inter-City Bus Station Construction Beginning! Mayor Lin Announces the Ocean City New Look

  • Category:Hot News
  • Date:2019-06-20

In order to thoroughly improve the traffic flow in the railway station area, public transportation environment and urban landscape, Keelung City Government plan to set up an new Keelung Inter-City Bus Station upon the railroad between the south exit and the north exit of the new railway station. The Groundbreaking Ceremony is hosted by Premier Su Tseng-Chang and Mayor Lin, Yu-Chang on 18th of June. Mayor Lin announced that there will be a whole new look of this ocean city after the Inter-City Bus Station and national square completed.


Premier Su Tseng-Chang lauded the Mayor Lin’s dedication to push forward different city construction, which can be seen in proposing outstanding schemes and striving for central budget support, hence the Keelung citizens can share the benefits. He believes the progress here is witnessed by not only local people, but also the worldwide ones.