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Department of Finance

Public Assets Division

Supervising the management of public assets in municipal agencies and schools

  • Studying and formulating policies, laws and work flows regarding property management
  • Checking agencies and schools in their usage and management of movable property and real estate on a regular/irregular basis.
  • Reviewing and checking reports of abandoned assets regarding movable property and real estate of agencies and schools.
  • Reviewing and checking property reports and catalogs of total assets of agencies and schools.
  • Checking and reviewing matters regarding the transference of administrative duties from the former department head of agencies and schools.
  • Promoting the establishment of an information system of municipal property management.

Management of non-public property in the city

  • Leasing non-public real estate
  • Selling non-public real estate
  • Clearing up non-public real estate
  • Planning and using non-public real estate

Finance Management Division


  • Revenue discussion regarding annual budgets, reapportionment budgets and special budgets
  • Allocating money reserves
  • Distributing central government subsidies 
  • Supervision annual budgets 
  • Issuing tickets and licenses, and managing charges and fees
  • Supervising and pressing for the payment of taxes and bills, and examining amusement tax. 
  • Expanding local financial resources


  • Expenditure discussion regarding annual budgets, reapportionment budgets and special budgets
  • Deciding the amount of natural disaster reserve for appropriation
  • Clearing up disbursements and retrieving items
  • Making contracts for public treasury, and supervising and assisting specialized account opening
  • Handling reserve cases of account payable at the year-end 
  • Checking, ratifying, contract-signing, allotting, and paying all types of loans
  • Preparing details in financial statements
  • Establishing, renewing, calculating, and analyzing revenue and expenditure data

Tobacco and Alcohol Division

  • Organizing meetings of supervisory units for the handling of tobacco and alcohol-related products
  • Managing and examining tobacco and alcohol-related business. and implementing related plans
  • Receiving applications from tobacco and alcohol vendors and providing inquiry services. 
  • Compiling and submitting tables, forms and reports regarding tobacco and alcohol business. 
  • Handling reports on tobacco and alcohol matters. 
  • Managing data of vendors related to tobacco and alcohol business in the city
  • Managing and investigating un-denatured ethyl alcohol businesses in the city
  • Leasing and managing warehouses for smuggled goods.
  • Delivering, managing and destroying seized goods in accordance with regulations.
  • Placing administrative disciplinary actions on seized tobacco and alcohol cases in violation of regulations/ laws or assisting in the process of criminal cases. 
  • Applying, checking and giving reward incentives for seized tobacco and alcohol cases in violation of regulations/ laws.
  • Urgent reporting on major accidents resulting from drinking privately-brewed or inferior alcohol and related matters.
  • Date of announcement:2021/10/20
  • Last updated: 2021/10/20
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