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Department of Economic Affairs

Industry and Commerce pision

  1. Factory establishment registration, industrial administration, industry declaration of factory hazardous materials, inspection of factory public accident liability insurance policy, acceptance of factory hazardous materials waste reuse report, high-risk group factory management investigation.
  2. The administrative business of the Consumer Protection Law, the telephone consultation of the Consumer Service Center and the handling of complaint cases, and the registration of the consumer complaint system.
  3. Handle public security program administrative business, audiovisual singing seven industries, information leisure industry and electronic game field management and punishment.
  4. Commercial administration business, business registration business, business conference survey and non-audio-visual singing seven industries, information leisure industry and video game industry management and punishment, and various business reports are posted.
  5. Commodity marking law administrative business and commodity inspection.
  6. Fair trade law business.
  7. Industrial and commercial inspection business.
  8. Management of unregistered factories, including unregistered factories and illegal factory counseling, and punishment of public sentiments (reports).
  9. Handle related activities such as national defense mobilization preparation business, material resources investigation operation, and short-term allotment operation of people's livelihood necessities.

Markets and Business Development pision

  1. Retail Market Management Business

    There are 15 public retail markets such as Renai and Xinyi in this city, as well as public street vendors 4 The seats are currently under the guidance of the "Retail Market Management Regulations".
    (1) New establishments, reconstructions, renovations, etc. of public markets.
    (2) Matters related to the lease of public market stalls.
    (3) Collection and adjustment of rents in public market stalls.
    (4) Business guidance for market vendors.
    (5) Review of the establishment of a private market.

  2. the vendor management business

    The city announced in 1977 that there are 10 road sections temporarily approved. Currently, there is no administrator assigned.
    The self-management of street vendors, mobile and illegal street vendors are banned by the municipal police station according to law.
    (1) Planning of street vendor management (preparation of the Keelung City  
         Street Vendor Guidance and Management Autonomy Regulations)
    (2) Review of the business license of the street vendor
    (3) Counseling and placement of street vendors
    (4) Audit of setting up private street vendors

  3. Business Development Business

    (1) Souvenir business
    (2) Business development

  4. Local Creation Business

    (1) Four creative strategy bases and responsible units:

    • Taipingshan City Base: Keelung City Development Office
    • South Station Base: Industrial Development Office
    • Yiyi Base: Keelung City Cultural Bureau
    • Zhengbin Heping Island Base: Sightseeing and City Marketing Office

    (2) Overview of the business of industrial development in local creation:

    • Responsible for local creation of the South Station base.
    • The secretarial unit of the local platform for local creation and 
      integration platform:
      Consolidate the achievements of local bureaus created by the 
      responsible bureaus.
    • To preside over the preparation meeting on local creation of the 
      South Station base.
    • To develop a plan that can be assisted by other non-responsible 
      bureaus in the South Station base.
    • In the study of the South Station base, other non-responsible bureaus 
      can implement the plan section.
    • Coordinate with other bases in charge of bureaus, there are plans that 
      the Industrial Development pision can assist.
    • Coordinate the plans proposed by the Industry Development pision 
      in the bases of other responsible bureaus.

Industrial Development pision

  1. Promotion of R&D and service-type subsidy programs-SBIR   program promotion and management business
  2. Promote innovation and forward-looking plans-industrial   upgrading promotion and counseling
  3. Construction and promotion of industrial innovation parks
  4. Industrial Zone Counseling and Industrial Development   Business
  5. Development and promotion of emerging industries-IOT   Internet of Things and other promotion and development  services
  6. Administrative business of SME service center
  7. Administrative business of Keelung City Industrial  
    Development Investment Promotion Association
  8. Keelung City Dream Dream Loan Subsidy Project Related   Business
  9. Major investment case coordination and related business

Youth and Integrated Planning pision

  1. Handle the Keelung City Youth Investment Entrepreneurship and Public Service Subsidy Program
  2. Manage youth entrepreneurship incubation plan
  3. Deal with the interest subsidy plan for youth entrepreneurship   loans
  4. Agriculture and fishery statistics
  5. Handle youth affairs committee business
  6. Land allocation for youth entrepreneurship base
  7. In-office comprehensive business

Agriculture and Fisheries Management pision

  1. Other regulations or amendments to agricultural and fishery-related autonomous regulations
  2. Nursery management, plant protection and afforestation business
  3. Weeding and pruning of agricultural roads and industrial roads
  4. Agricultural machinery and fertilizer subsidies
  5. Agricultural and forest land management
  6. Application and management of farmhouses and agricultural facilities
  7. Application and management of leisure farms
  8. Crop and pesticide management and random inspection
  9. Counseling business of agricultural and fishing associations and agricultural and fishery  groups
  10. Matters related to agricultural loans, farmer insurance and allowances
  11. Issuance and management of fishery related licenses
  12. Management of fishing boat crew (including mainland and foreign crew) and certificate  issuance and experience certification
  13. Fishing port management
  14. Fisheries rights Fisheries management
  15. Issuance of specific fishing and recreational fishery business licenses and licenses
  16. Counseling for foreign fishery cooperation and foreign base operations
  17. Fishery Advisory Committee related business
  18. Shipwreck Rescue
  19. Serve the people by catching bees and snakes
  20. Investigation of natural disasters in agriculture and fisheries
  21. Aquaculture

Earth and Agriculture and Fisheries Engineering pision

  1. Engineering, design, survey, construction, supervision of industrial roads,   
      agricultural roads and disaster preventionAnd execution.
  2. Maintenance of industrial roads and agricultural roads.
  3. Maintenance and repair of agricultural roads, wild streams, industrial roads and other 
      projects caused by natural disasters.
  4. The violation of regulations on hillside land in this city.
  5. Earth and rock disaster prevention business.
  6. Water and soil conservation education promotion plan.
  7. Handle general water and soil conservation plan related business.
  8. Simple water and soil conservation declaration related business.
  9. Service of conservation advisors counsel.
  10. The monitoring plan of the specific water and soil conservation area in Xiaoxianli, 
       Shen'aokeng, Xinyi District, this city.
  11. Other assignments.

Marine and Agriculture and Fisheries Development pision

  1. Investigation, assessment, development, conservation, maintenance and 
    management of coastal and offshore marine and fishery resources  
  2. Coastal waters planning and implementation.
  3. Renovation, maintenance and management of coastal and offshore fishing 
    ground environment.
  4. Matters related to the impact of sea development on the marine environment.
  5. Cultivation and conservation of fishery resources.
  6. Coordination of business of related units such as navigation administration, 
    maritime patrol, marine academic research and other marine affairs.
  7. Leisure fishing related business.
  8. Matters related to coast and ocean management.
  9. Planning of marine protected areas and conservation areas.
  10. Agriculture and fishery development-related business (such as agriculture 
    and fishery experience activities, new image transduction of agriculture and 
    fishing village communities,Product promotion, etc.).
  11. Handle leisure agriculture and rural regeneration related business.
  12. Marine biodiversity related business.
  13. Other assignments.

Animal Protection and Epidemic Prevention Station

  1. Epidemic situation notification, disease diagnosis and diagnosis, monitoring, research and management, self-defense and epidemic prevention of livestock and aquatic animal breeding farms (including slaughter houses)
    Counseling management, disease identification, animal epidemic prevention legal system management and economic animal humane management and other matters.
  2. Veterinary public health management, animal medicine management, pre-market animal and poultry drug residue prevention, veterinarian management training and maintenance
    Animal husbandry and animal health prevention and epidemic prevention counseling.
  3. Stray animal shelter management, medical rescue, animal shelter counseling and other matters.
  4. Animal and wildlife protection cases, advocacy education and legal affairs management, pet disease prevention, sterilization and registration management, management
    Pharmaceutical management, laboratory animal management, etc.
  5. Pet industry registration, counseling, management and evaluation, pet-related consumer protection matters, pet funeral industry counseling and management, pet use
    Matter counseling management and feed management and other matters.
  6. Livestock farm registration and management, livestock product extension, livestock farming survey, livestock annual production target setting, animal husbandry natural disasters Report.
  7. Guidance and management of certification of livestock and poultry products, investigation of illegal slaughtering activities, and investigation of the illegal diversion of dead animals and poultry.
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