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Department of Comprehensive Development

Information Management Division

  • Planning, establishing, managing and maintaining information equipment and the Internet.
  • Planning, integrating, managing and maintaining the joint application system in the city hall.
  • Planning, establishing, managing and maintaining the world-wide website of the city hall.
  • Promoting, assisting and guiding the application of e-administration at all levels of the city hall.
  • Cultivating city hall employees’ information capability.
  • Mapping out information security plan and responding to announcements.
  • Education on information security and audit matters.
  • Promoting the electronic exchange plan of official documents among the city hall and its agencies.
  • Promoting, assisting and guiding the application of e-administration at district offices.

Supervision and Evaluation Division

  • Monitoring official documents, and giving reward and punishment.
  • Tracing and controlling citizen mails sent to the city hall mailbox.
  • Tracing and controlling people’s pleadings and statements.
  • Planning and promoting services for the general public.
  • Guiding and supervising the united service center.
  • Tracing and controlling resolutions passed by the city council.
  • Tracing and controlling staff’s progress over resolutions and matters decided during the meetings on city affairs.
  • Tracing, controlling and assessing important projects and cases.
  • Tracing and controlling supervised cases.
  • Tracing and controlling cases regarding the mayor visiting basic levels.

Planning Division

  • Compiling the mid-term policy programs.
  • Preliminary work and screening of the annual administrative programs and annual budgets.
  • Collecting and laying out annual administrative programs, and compiling reports of performance assessment.
  • Oversight and evaluation of administrative programs.
  • Composing the report of the mayor's overall performance.
  • Certifying management of infrastructure funded by central general grant.
  • Organizing meetings with municipal advisors.
  • Deliberation of municipal research and development.
  • Collecting reports from employees going on overseas business trip.
  • Date of announcement:2021/10/20
  • Last updated: 2021/10/20
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