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Keelung City Government

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Rebuilding Taiwan's First Harbor: Stunning Keelung City Continues to Move Forward

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Keelung City has mountains, rivers, a harbor, and the sea, as well as delicious local cuisine and people that are friendly and caring. Food lovers absolutely can’t miss out on Keelung’s very own Miaokou Night Market, the winning contestant in a poll on Taiwan’s most delicious night market. If you enjoy visiting historic sites then you’re in the right place as Keelung has more artillery battery and warzone ruins than any other place in this island nation. Uhrshawan Battery (also known as the Tenable Gate of the Sea) gives visitors a glimpse of Taiwan’s modern warfare history. As for those who like to watch sunrises, they should head over to Heping Island (Peace Island) to see one of the World’s 19 Most Beautiful Sunrises. If you fancy a lifestyle by the seacoast with its waves and the ocean breeze, then you surely can’t miss out on summertime in Keelung, which features scuba diving, night fishing, and boat rides around the harbor. It’s hardly surprising that Keelung owns the distinction of being home to Taiwan’s first yacht pier. Or, maybe you’d rather ride a bike along the seacoast that sits below Waimu Mountain. This area is arguably Taiwan’s most beautiful and charming stretch of seacoast. Heading up to Zhongzheng Park so you can enjoy fantastic nighttime scenery is also a good idea; from there you can look down at the dark water below and the lights of fishing boats floating in the Port of Keelung. Overall, it doesn’t matter what season of the year it is because in Keelung there’s always beautiful scenery and culture that’s waiting for you to come and experience it for yourself.

Recently, I've heard many city residents say that Keelung has changed a lot in the last few years. The city is getting progressively cleaner, transportation is becoming more convenient and faster by the day, and social welfare policies are meeting the needs of citizens. For example, the city currently provides childbirth subsidies, daycare for preschool children, elderly care, and policies that help young people get into entrepreneurship. Furthermore, transportation, tourism, and the economy have all improved, which are indicators that Keelung City is gradually changing. You can also see change in the more frequent smiles of the city’s residents, as everyone can feel that Keelung is undergoing a transformation. I’m confident that everyone who visits here will be able to sense Keelung’s vitality and how this city by the sea is changing in a positive way. So, make your way over here so you can experience Taiwan’s first harbor. From the bottom of my heart, I, Lin Yu-chang, invite you to come visit Keelung, a beautiful harbor city that I hope you fall in love with.

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Mayor of Keelung Lin Yu-Chan

Mayor Mayor

Educational background

  • Graduate Institute of Building & Planning, National Taiwan University
  • Landscape Architecture, Chinese Culture University
  • National Keelung Senior High School
  • Keelung Municipal Jian De Junior High School
  • Keelung Municipal Jian De Primary School
  • Keelung Municipal Cheng Kung Elementary School

Work experience

  • Senior specialist, Secretary General Yu Shyi-kun's Office, Office of the President
  • Advisory officer, Premier Yu Shyi-kun's Office of the Executive Yuan
  • Chief of the Special Assistant and Office of Chairperson Yu Shyi-kun of the Democratic Progressive Party
  • Chief, Social Development Department, Central Headquarters, Democratic Progressive Party
  • Chief, Institute of Democracy, Central Headquarters, Democratic Progressive Party
  • Spokesperson, Central Headquarters, Democratic Progressive Party
  • Supervisor, Legislator Joint Services Center of Keelung, Democratic Progressive Party
  • Deputy Secretary General, Central Headquarters, Democratic Progressive Party
  • Director General, Taiwan City Competitiveness Development Association
  • Date of announcement:2021/08/04
  • Last updated: 2021/09/11
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