Gongzi Liao Fort

Built in the Ching Dynasty, Gongzi Liao Fort was located at the northeast of Keelung city. This old fort is as significant as the other forts considering its history or its architecture. In fact, after World War II, it was still being used as a military facility by the ROC government till a few year ago.

Gongzi Liao Fort This fort in Xinyi District was ranked to be provincial historic site. During the colonial period, the fort was renovated and garrison was placed here after Taiwan was returned to China. Then it was abandoned for a long time.

Fortunately, the remains of the fort are well-kept. Walking up to the hill on the fort, one will see the scenes of the Hoping Island, Badouzi, and Keeling Islet right in front of the hill. Walking straight ahead, you will see a complete fort for you to imagine all the wars occurred here.

Transportation Information & Directions:

Take National Highway No.1. Exit at Keelung to connect to Zhongzheng Elevated Road. Drive straight on Zhongzheng Road to Zhengfeng Street and Xiangfeng Street. Turn right on Lide Street. Or, take City Bus 104 or 205 and get off at Ersin Junior High School. Walk for about 1 km and turn left at Cishan Temple.

Dawulun Fort

Dawulun Fort Dawulun Fort is a very important military base to safeguard the west side of Keelung Harbor. During the Opium War in 1840 and the Sino-French War in 1884, the court of Ching Dynasty sent military forces to guard this place. However, looking at the current structure and feature, the fort was probably renovated during the colonial period.

The provincial historic site was located on Mount Tawulun. Located 231 meters above sea level, the fort looks down to Lovers Lake to the west, Dawulun Bay to the north, Keelung and East Sea to the east. Walking up on a pebble footpath full of falling leaves, one will see the original structure of the fort, chassis, mechanical belt and storage room. Walls were made from stones with arched windows. Since the platform is at the high point facing the ocean, there are lots scenes to view over northeastern cape from platform, such as Keelung Islet, Waimu Shan seashore and Badouzi.

Transportation Information & Directions:

When you arrive at Lovers Lake Park, walk for a little while to Dawulun Fort.

Ershawan Fort

Ershawan Fort Also named “Haimen Tianxian”, Ershawan Fort was located on the top of Ershawan Mountain near the east harbor of Keelung.

Following traditional construction method to build city gate, the front door of the platform was built by stones along the mountain, which is very selendid. Above the gate is a tablet that reads “Haimen Tianxian”, which means very dangerous gate to the ocean. The strategic value of the fort explains why it was chosen to be a military base during the Ching dynasty. Visitors can view Keelung Harbor from the fort to feel its significance.

The trees along the footpath around the fort make it a great choice for green shower. Birds and insects might greet you when you are visiting the historic site.

Transportation Information & Directions:

Take National Highway No. 1. Exit at Keelung and connect to Zhongzheng Elevated Road to the City Government. Turn right onto Sin 2nd Road and go straight on Shoushan Road. You can also take City Bus 101 or 103 and get off at Haimen Tianxian and take the footpath up.

Baimiweng Fort

Baimiweng Fort Baimiweng Fort is located in the northwest of Keelung harbor, safeguarding the harbor with the fort on the east shore. It was an important military base since the Ching Dynasty.

The rectangle-shaped fort facing the sea is comprised of three sections: barbette, control center and observation station with the control center on the west of barbette and the observation station on the right. Both places are great choices for visitors to overlook Keelung Harbor. The scenery is refreshing and beautiful; hence, it has become a popular sightseeing and leisure place for local residents. Find a nice summer evening to enjoy the lights on boats in the harbor, the bright stars and the breeze.

Transportation Information & Directions:

Take National Highway No. 3 and connect to Gangxi Exiting Road System. Turn left onto Zhongshan 4th Road in Taibai Community and turn left to drive up the mountain. You can also take City Bus 301 and get off at Taibai Villa. Walk for about 15 minutes.

Shiqiuling Fort

Shiqiuling Fort Built in 1884, this fort was constructed to enhance coast defense when the French attacked Taiwan for the Vietnam problem. Shiqiuling is the highest fort among all the forts in Keelung. It is an essential place for the defense of the harbor. The fort was made with solid mountain rocks and the structure was kept well. It is important because it is the only remaining small fort built in late Ching Dynasty. Thanks to its ideal location, the fort offers a great view over the entire harbor of Keelung.

Transportation Information & Directions:

Take National Highway No. 1. Exit at Keelung, then turn right onto Zhong 4th Road to get back on the Interchange. Take the right lane in front of the Tunnel up to the fort. Take City Bus 201, 202 or 205 and get off at Ren 5th Road. Walk along Cheng 1st Road and Shiqiu Road for about 30 minutes.