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Department of Social Affairs

Social Affairs Administration Division

  • Guiding and assisting civic organizations
    1. Examining the preparation and formation of civic organizations.
    2. Providing funds and subsidies for civic organizations.
    3. Communication and other related matters regarding civic organizations’ participation in municipal construction and public welfare activities.
    4. Guidance on civic organizations’ business and elections.
    5. Issuing copies of proofs of civic organization’s registrations, logos and director-general’s certificates.
  • Social movements
    1. Planning and organizing commemorative holidays.
    2. Projects concerning showing respect to and entertaining the armed forces.
    3. Commending good fellows and alms-deeds, and model parents.
    4. Granting consolation money to staff working outside the office during Chinese New Year holidays.
    5. Managing donations.
  • Community development
    1. Managing the preparation and formation of community development associations.
    2. Purchasing and giving out community newspapers run by community chairs and supervisors.
    3. Providing subsidies for community maintenance.
    4. Supervising and guiding community meetings, and holding reelections according to regulations.
    5. Striving for subsidies offered by Ministry of the Interior, and promoting community development.
  • Cooperation
    1. Registering the establishment, consolidation and settlement of cooperatives.
    2. Assessing the performance of cooperatives and staff.
    3. Cooperative education promotion.

Women and Children Welfare Division

  • Social relief
    1. Investigating and listing all low-income households, and providing them with support and welfare-to-work programs.
    2. Providing mid and low-income families with medical subsidies, emergency assistance, and natural disaster assistance.
    3. Taking in vagrants and providing medical treatment to people who get sick on the street.
    4. Assisting and guiding philanthropic foundations.
  • Welfare Service
    1. Child welfare
    2. Juvenile welfare
    3. Women welfare
    4. Domestic violence prevention and sexual assault prevention
    5. Social work services
    6. Foreign spouse family service centers

Senior Citizens and the Disabled Division

  • Welfare services for senior citizens (for application details, please refer to the city regulations)
    1. Senior citizens with low income: application for a Ren-ai Senior Citizens’ Home, and subsidizing nursing expenses for paralyzed seniors.
    2. Senior citizens with medium to low income: subsistence allowances, subsidies for household facilities, caretakers in the hospital, medical treatment, special care allowances, and home care services.
    3. General senior citizens: cash gifts on the Double Ninth Festival, subsidies for the deductible in the national health insurance, free health checkups, special discounts for bus tickets, the senior citizens’ welfare/living allowance program run by the central government, seniors’ recreational activities, elderly continuing education programs, home service support centers, the emergency response system for senior citizens who living alone, management centers for care and services, supervising and guiding the establishment of community care centers, recreational buses for the elderly, and various recreational activities for senior citizens.
  • Disability welfare (for application details, please refer to the city regulations)
    1. Disabled individuals with medium to low income: subsistence allowances, subsidies for nursing and care, and house renting.
    2. General disabled individuals: booklets for the disabled, subsidies for the deductible in the social insurance, assisting facilities, interest subsidies for business start-up loans, early treatment on children with delayed development, transition service for the disabled, free health checkups, parking certificates, applications for disabled bus services, medical ID bracelets, consolation money on three major holidays, home care services, the Keelung auxiliary instrument center, discount cards for bus tickets, and sign language translation services.
    3. Keelung disabled welfare center: day care, shelter factories, shops, caretaking for seriously disabled individuals, job training, temporary care, and short-term care.
  • Managing senior citizens and disabled welfare service institutes, assisting and guiding massage service industry, and checking public safety.

Labor Administration Division

  1. Labor union counseling
  2. Employees’ welfare organization counseling
  3. Labor education
  4. Labor welfare, Labor recreation
  5. Labor service centers
  6. Labor activity centers
  7. Labor mortgages for buying and repairing houses

Labor Relations Division

  1. Labor-capital relations: guiding and assisting businesses to formulate work rules and arriving at an collective agreement, reporting and punishment measures regarding sexual harassment prevention; managing disputes between the labor and capital, retirement reserves for laborers, appeals against discrimination in employment and sexual discrimination in equal working opportunities; handling matters regarding massive layoffs and labor protection.
  2. Promotion on employment opportunities for the disabled: managing and utilizing employment funds for the disabled, providing job training and promoting employment opportunities, offering business start-up loans, providing incentives for agencies over hiring disabled employees, offering employment transitions, and promoting and offering consulting service regarding job redesigns.
  3. Job training programs for the unemployed: providing the unemployed and those with weak working ability opportunities to receive training programs to build a second professional specialty, so that they will be able to develop skills to land on a job or to find another job in a timely manner.
  4. Foreign laborers management: legal consultation regarding foreign laborers, managing disputes concerning foreign laborers, checking on illegal employment of foreign laborers, and punishing those violating the employment services act.
  5. Employment promotion: educating the general public from being deceived when finding jobs and replying wanted ads, and handling other employment promotion related matters.
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