Maling Keng

The picturesque Maling Keng area in Keelung City was cultivated by ancestors as early as in the late Ming and early Ching dynasties.

Maling Keng A coalmine center in the Ching Dynasty, Maling Keng used to be a highly populous area and the court of Ching even set up a government office in the area. With economic crops like tea and camphor, Maling Keng was very prosperous, like the night market area in today’s Keelung City. After the restoration of Taiwan, thenational government put in a lot of efforts to develop the area. Located in the suburb area of Keeling City, Maling Keng began to decline.

Thanks to the flourishing marine transportation business in the early years, Shishihchiao and Yuanyangtan became the distribution center of tea and camphor shipped to Mengjia and Dadaocheng for export, making Shishihchiao and Yuanyangtan a member of the golden triangle together with Wudu and Nuannuan.

Tea and camphor were the major agricultural produce in Maling Keng in the early years, but the production gradually declined after WWII. Currently, bamboo shoots and Chinese yam are the specialties of the area. With the assistance of local farmer’s associations and the government, many recreational farms have been established in the area, making it an ideal spot for tourism.

Youna Stream

Youna Stream Hidden in Wuzhi mountain area in Qidu are two fresh forest brooks. The forests offer a peaceful and tranquil place for visitors who are looking for something special. Youna and Malingkeng streams flow from nearby mountsins, creating two quiet natural landscapes.

Youna Stream is quite deep. One will find a deep pond which is 20 meters long and 5 meters wide. This is a natural mini-swimming pool and the local children often enjoy themselves in the pond.

Nuandong Gorge

Nuandong Gorge Nuandong Gorge is located in the southeastern part of Keelung in Dongshi Keng. The forests in the area are well-preserved and the unpolluted river flows all year round.

Following the footpath along the boy scouts campground, one can choose to walk along the crag to see splendid view and plants or walk along the stream to enjoy the exquisite view of waters and bridges.

The views are very pretty along with the footpaths. Stop anytime to observe the insects, plants and flowers. Try and see if you can find the dragonfly, damselflies or Taiwan whistling thrush flying in the valley. Cool yourself with the clean and fresh water in the stream.

Transportation Information & Directions:

Take National Highway No. 1 and connect to Rueiba Highway to Nuannuan. Then go along Dongshih 1st Road to the Gorge. Or, take City Bus 603 to the last stop.

Tai-an Waterfall

Tai-an Waterfall Tai-an Waterfall is set in the heart of Mount Caolan in Qidu. The forest in the mountain area is well-preserved as it is headwaters protection forestry. A tiny fall pours down from mossy rocks and forms a green pond full of swimming fish.

Next to the waterfall is a picnic area for visitors to barbecue. In the summer, visitors can enjoy the cold water. You can also walk up the mountain footpath near the waterfall to immerse yourself in the forest. As the forest is located in the inland, mountains protect it against the influence of monsoons, making it beautiful and pleasing all year round.

Transportation Information & Directions:

Go straight on Huaxing Road.

Take the bus to Huaxing Elementary School, then walk for about 40 to 60 minutes.

Fairy Cave

Fairy Cave Fairy Cave is situated in the mountain to the northwest of Keelung Harbor. Originally, it was an eroded hole. The cave was formed after hundreds of years of erosion by the ocean. The over 80-meter marine cave is the biggest one in Keelung. This cave can be divided into two: the right cave and the left. The latter is wide and the former is deep. According to the document written during the Japanese colonial period, one could stand in the cave to listen to the amazing echo of the wave. There are carvings of Buddha on the wall and many calligraphy carving from the Ching Dynasty. Besides, at the front entry of the cave stands a giantic sculpture of Buddha for people to worship.

Transportation Information & Directions:

Take National Highway No. 3 to Keelung, turn to Gangxi outer ring road. Then take Zhongshan 4th Road to Xiandong. Or, you can take Keelung City Bus 301 and get off at Fairy Cave.

Badouzi Coastal Park

Badouzi Coastal Park Badouzi is located on a small peninsula to the northeast of Keelung City. Accordingly, it was originally an assart of the Ketagalan Tribe. Later, a fishery harbor was formed when the Han people moved in. In the past, the scene of sunset and fishing boats was very famous in Keelung.

The coastal park is equipped with footpath, arbors and a viewing platform for visitors to look over the ocean and Keelung Isle. Walking down the steps to Wangyou Valley (meaning tranquil and secluded), you can enjoy the beautiful landscape and observe the birds and butterflies. The seashore presents all kinds of erosion terrains and grotesque rocks. However, please be cautious when walking along the cliff. The place is also a great spot to observe the migratory birds in the spring and fall.

Transportation Information & Directions:

Badouzi Fishery Harbor -Take National Highway No. 1 and connect to Zhongheng Elevated Road. Then take Zhongheng Road to Huanshan Road of Badouzi. You can also take Keelung City Bus 103 and get off at the intersection of Beining Road and Tiaoho Street. Then walk for about 20 minutes.

Badouzi Park -Take City Bus 103 and get off at the intersection of Beining Road and Tiaoho Street. Walk for about 20 to 30 minutes.