Hoping Island

Originally named “She-liao island”, Hoping Island is the doorway to Keelung Harbor. It was a settlement of Kaitaglan Tribe in the early times. Currently, a seashore Park was set up along the coast.

Hoping Island Inside the park, one will see important terrain of marine abrasion, including marine cliff, abrasion platform and abrasion fosse as well as the famous “bean curd rock” and pedestal rock. Apart from the spectacular terrain, the body fossil and trace fossils are considered treasures for geological studies. Be sure to take a good look at the strand plants for it is amazing that they can survive under the unfavorable conditions.

During the ebb, one can step on the abrasion platform to see the strand plants and all the different rocks and stones. Take a break to sit down on the rock to listen to the waves and enjoy the amazing gift of nature.

However, please do not go down to the marine cliff for the rock might break down at any moment.

Transportation Information & Directions:

Take National Highway No.1. Exit at Keelung to connect onto Zhongzheng Elevated Road. Go straight on Zhongzheng Road to Zhengfeng Street and Xiangfeng Street. Cross Hoping Bridge and take Ho 1st Road. Turn right onto Ping 1st Road to Hoping Island Coastal Park. If you turn right after crossing Hoping Bridge and go straight to the end, then turn left, you will see Huangdi Temple. You can also take City Bus 101 and get off at the Employment Training Center. Walk for about five minutes.

Waimu Shan Seashore

Waimu Shan Seashore Waimu Shan seashore is the longest natural seashore remained in Keelung City with a total of 5 kilometers from Waimu Shan Fishery Harbor to Aoditong Village. The seashore includes open seashore and marine cliff to make a spectacular scenery. Swimming facilities are available near Waimu Shan Fishery Harbor for experienced swimmers to go scuba diving and swimming. The beach near Aoditong Village is the only remaining sandy seashore in Keelung. In the summer, people often go to the beach and have fun swimming. For people who are afraid to swim in the sea, the nearby Octopus swimming pool is also a great choice for some fun.

Besides, one should never miss the beautiful sunrise in the summer. The incredible sight makes people feel carefree and joyous. The seashore and the reef rocks sculptured by the ocean over a long period of time are also a must-see.

Transportation Information & Directions:

Take City Bus 302 and get off at Zhongshan Junior High School. Walk for a few minutes to the Beach.

Lovers Lake Park

Lovers Lake Park Lovers Lake is located at the mountainside of Mount Dawulun at the western part of Keelung. It is the only highland in Keelung with dense woods, beautiful lake and refreshing scenery. The park offers different facilities including kiosks, suspension bridge, observation platform, windmills and pathways for visitors to take a walk and enjoy the natural scenery, the beauty of plants and green shower. It is also a great choice to stand on the observation deck to see the seashore.

In spring and summer of every year, insects, butterflies and migrating birds often gather here and your visit is mostly welcomed.

Transportation Information & Directions:

Take National Highway 3, exit at Jijin 1st Road towards Jinshan. Turn right when you see Lane 208 to get to the Park. You can also take City Bus 505 and get off at Lovers Lake Park. Walk along Jijin 1st Road for about 30 minutes to the Park. Or, take Keelung Bus (Jishan/Wanli) and get off at Lovers Lake Park. Walk for about 25 minutes to the Park.

Jhongjheng Park

Jhongjheng Park Jhongjheng Park was built along the mountain and close to the harbor. It is the most famous scenery in Keelung. The giant statue of Goddess of Mercy at the top of mountain becomes the landmark for those incoming ships, while the always-smiling Maitreya Buddha welcomes each visitor and tourist. With convenient transportation and various facilities, such as footpath, athletic filed, Buddhist library and martyrs' shrine, the park is a great choice for people to spend some leisure time.

The main altar building of the park is the primary place to hold the ceremony during the Ghost Festival in Keelung. The observation deck offers a good view of ships coming in and leaving the harbor and beautiful ocean.

Transportation Information & Directions:

Take National Highway No.1. Exit at Keelung and connect to Zhongzheng Elevated Road to the City Government. Turn right on Xin 2nd Road and go straight on Shoushan Road to the Park. Or, you can take City Bus 101, 103, 104, 105 and get off at the City Government or take City Bus 201, 202, 203 and get off at the Provincial Hospital to Sin 2nd Road.