The Keelung City Government continues to strengthen the COVID-19 prevention. Mayor Lin urges all business workers to wear masks for the sake of the public safety.

  • Category:Hot News
  • Date:2020-04-07

In response to severe special infectious pneumonia (COVID-19, referred to as Wuhan pneumonia), the Keelung City Government's (7) municipal administrative meeting was held by not sitting next to each other, leaving a distance between every seat. All staffs also wore masks to work, and Mayor Lin asked the Department of Economic Affairs to advise market vendors and shopkeepers to wear masks when serving customers to ensure their own health and let the comers feel at ease.


Mayor Lin pointed out in today’s press conference that judging from the recent cases, home isolation and quarantine really had the effect of infection prevention, so he once again emphasized that all people who accept home quarantine must comply with the regulations of the Central Epidemic Command Center, staying at home to complete the quarantine process. This is not only to protect themselves, but also to protect others, and it will not leave a gap in disease prevention. This is an impact and concern for epidemic prevention security. The city government does not want to see any breach, and the government will heavily punish anyone in case of violation.


Mayor Lin also said that with the recent efforts of the city government, the number of anti-epidemic hotels has increased from 15 to 30. At present, there are about 10 people staying.


As for the control of the temple entrance and marketplace and, Mayor Lin said that those places in Keelung are open spaces. Like the temple entrance, there are many alleys and 8 to 10 entrances and exits. The important thing is to do a personal good job, such as washing hands frequently, wearing masks, and keeping proper social distance with each other.