Groundbreaking ceremony of the friendly corridor at Wanghaixiang Fishing Harbor “Creating a model base for fishing village revitalization”: Mayor Lin

  • Category:Hot News
  • Date:2020-03-06

Linking the important hub of the northeast coast corridor, Wanghaixiang Fishing Harbor Pedestrian Friendly and Landscape Project started today (6) and is expected to be completed by the end of October this year; Mayor Lin thanked many people for their support and emphasized that the future will be an non-powered coastal recreation base, hoping through reproducing the fishing village culture and upgrading the economy, to build the model base of fishing village revitalization.



Mayor Lin pointed out that Chaojing Bay now has two million tourists a year. Through this project, it will be connected to New Taipei City and the Northeast Corridor Belt. After the introduction of footways and bicycle systems, it will connect the Chang-Tan Fishing Harbor through a bridge, and then provide a more suitable pedestrian environment.



By improving the bridge to Chang-Tan and connecting it to the Chaojing Park, in the near future Chaojing Bay will be the most important non-powered coastal recreation base in the northeast of Taiwan. This project is by connecting the two fishing harbors of Chang-Tan and Wanghaixiang to develop the overall industry and boost the fishing village economy which brings positive benefits to the local community.


The city government has a comprehensive plan of corridors on the waters, fishing villages, and Chaojing parks around Chang-Tan and Wanghaixiang fishing harbors. The goal is to add cross-field values such as science, technology, education, display, tourism and leisure in the construction and further to build the first marine sustainable recreational park in Taiwan.