Mayor Lin demands the strengthening of epidemic prevention to combat the 2019 Novel Coronavirus.

  • Category:Hot News
  • Date:2020-02-06

In response to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), the Health Bureau reported the latest progress of epidemic prevention at the municipal conference today (Feb.4). Mayor Lin demanded the Department of Education to strengthen the school nursing, entering the private kindergartens, after schools, and crammers. He not only asked all the school teachers to announce the health education of epidemic prevention in campus, but also ordered the district offices of civil system to join the work.

Regarding the epidemic prevention materials for private, parenting or tutoring schools, Mayor Lin said that the central government yesterday distributed more than 5,000 masks to Keelung's private child related organizations for use. The Department of Education also assigned school nurses to teach kids what is Wuhan pneumonia and the correct timing to wear a mask.

As for the issue of the use of thermometer, Mayor Lin suggested that private school should use ear thermometers from home first. If there is any shortage, please ask the Education Department to coordinate the medical units to assist in procurement. However, the supply of rubbing alcohol was still sufficient. Mayor Lin asked the municipal hospital and the Health Bureau to help in purchasing related equipment for the Education Department and others in need.

Since some people questioned the mask shortage of bus drivers, Mayor Lin clarified that all bus drivers in Keelung City wear masks every day, and the bus office has reserved masks for five to six days; for drivers on national highways and highway passenger operators, they are uniformly allocated by the Directorate General of Highways and the Motor Vehicles Supervision Office.

In addition, the District Chiefs are asked to collect the Chiefs of Village, the directors of the community development association and colleagues in the office. The Health Bureau and the municipal hospital will send professional medical staffs to conduct health education to help people to understand the characteristics of pneumonia, the focus of epidemic prevention, and the time to wear masks properly.

The epidemic prevention measures are in accordance with the standards for the entry and exit of personnel, regardless of the airport or seaport, and for the entry and exit of cruise personnel, said Mayor Lin.