Keelung wins two awards at the 2019 Taiwan Landscape Awards. Mayor Lin invites everyone to witness the changes in Keelung.

  • Category:Hot News
  • Date:2020-01-02

The 7th Taiwan Landscape Awards 2019 Ceremony was held today (28) at the Tree Heart Hall in Nishi Honganji Temple, Taipei City. Keelung City Government won the Award of Excellence of Park Greenland Public Open Space and the Honourable Mention of Environmental Planning and Design Award.

Mayor Lin said that any professional team of architecture and landscape planning is welcomed to Keelung to make their ideals happen, and he also invited Taiwan Institute of Landscape Architects to visit Keelung next year to see the overall transformation of Keelung now, and what is going to change in the following ten to twenty years.

Furthermore, Mayor Lin noted that during five years of struggling with the shortage of resources, Keelung finally came up with decent achievements, established a city brand and a communication platform. In recent years, everyone can see “nothing is impossible for a willing heart” happened in Keelung.

Mayor Lin then pointed out that although the city government's push for the bill of Self-Government Ordinance on Landscape had not been passed, the negotiation will continue. When the time is ripe with the good result presented based on our efforts, the bill will be recognized and accepted in the future. This is not just the ideas of the experts, but the collective consciousness of the city and the common values of the citizens. It is also an important step forward for the development of future urban space in Taiwan.