Let’s Picnic in the Mountain City –Ko Zu Song Festival

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  • Date:2019-10-01

Nai Yuan – Garden in Ko Zu Song Antique House – Revived by the Youth in Keelung


  Hsu Tsu-sun is the owner of Ko Zu Song antique house. He was the chief of Keelung District during the Japanese colonial period in Taiwan. In the past, there were five prestigious families: Keelung Yan family, Lukang Koo family, Kaohsiung Chen family, Wufeng Lin family,and Banqiao Lin family. The Yan family and the Hsu family had a close relationship. Nai Yuan (迺園), the garden built when the construction of the house began, belonged to Hsu, while Yan had Lou Yuan (陋園). They often held activities such as poetry appreciation, tea appreciation, and picnic.


  As the house has fallen into disrepair over the years, Keelung Youth Front launched a clean-up campaign to revive it. The first Ko Zu Song Festival along with creative market and performances took place in 2015, turning this site into one of tourist spots in Keelung. The festival now is a very important cultural event in northern Taiwan as it came to the third year this year. Many Keelung citizens and visitors come every year. The house is a successful revival of heritage tourism launched by the public.


  The theme this year is “Let’s Picnic in the Mountain City”. Chris Liao (participant of the Super Idol), and Danny Shao (a Taiwanese pop singer and talent show signer nominated twice for the Golden Melody Awards) were invited to liven the atmosphere. A series of events were organized for all the participants such as city and the antique house tour as well as research on air-raid shelters and exhibition by the Graduate Institute of Building &Planning at National Taiwan University. Keelung painter Wang Chien and local residents worked together to present eight scenes in Keelung by tile art. Moreover, many vendors sold local handicrafts and exquisite cuisine in the creative market. The festival was a great chance for visitors to have fun and experience Keelung’s culture.


  Chang Ji-ho, chair of Keelung Youth Front, hoped that the local cultural event would be a long-term festival carrying the core value of social enterprise and invited the public to support it by buying festival-related products or through a small donation.


About Ko Zu Song Antique House

  Ko Zu Song antique house, officially known as Ching Yu Tang (慶餘堂), is located at ren-ai district Keelung City, Taiwan. The house was owned by Hsu Tsu-sun who was appointed as the chief of Keelung Street and the congressman of Taipei Prefecture during the Japanese colonial period in Taiwan. The two-story building was built with red bricks, so-called TR brick made by the Taiwan Renga Kabushiki Kaisha during Japanese period. The layout design of the second floor was Sanhe Yuan (a traditional Chinese residential compound) and the building’s interior design combined a Western style design. This antique building attracts photography lovers and is a popular place for shooting wedding photos.