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  • Date:2019-09-15

 "South Pao-chun & Notrh Yong-hsin"

Cultivate more Prides of Keelung. Interview of the world bread champion- Chen, Yong-Hsin


  Chen, Yong-Hsin grew up in the coastal area in Keelung. In his childhood, Chen

liked to eat bread very much. During study in college, Chen took a part-time job due to a passion for bread. In the beginning, Chen was only responsible for basic work and had no chance of making bread. Chen didn't give up. He got the chance to learn the skills of bakery from the senior after the master was out of duty. Chen felt surprised that combining water, flour and yeast can make such a happiness flavor. This period made him so passionate and decided to learn as a apprentice from the basic after finishing the military service. After 13 years effort, Chen finally won the 2015 world bread champion. Even Wu Pao-chun appraised Chen was extraordinary in person. In the same year, Chungyu institute of technology hired Chen as the youngest professor who was only 35 years old. Chen hoped sharing more experience of making bread and cultivating more prides of Keelung.


Everyone against only the god support Chen's decision. "Success belongs to persevering."

  After finishing military service, Chen Yong-hsin told his family about the idea of learning in bakery. Chen's grandmom threw a wet blanket on his idea and told him that driving a taxi makes more profit than a baker.

  Reluctantly, Chen went to the Shihciouling temple to ask the Earth God whether to learn as a baker or not. Luckily, Chen got a great stick which means "Success belongs to persevering." Chen's family accept his choice finally. Surprisingly, it was not easy for Chen to get a opportunity to learn in a bakery shop. Until seventh bakery shop, Chen got a learning opportunity finally. In first three weeks, Chen was only responsible for cleaning. So that he doubted himself whether he needed to stick in his dream or not. Through the tough beginning , the master was touched by Chen's persistence and began to teach him everything about bakery. In order to learn more knowledge and skills of making bread, Chen took every chance to learn different styles of bread no matter how far. Chen has learned Japanese bread, Chinese bread and worked in the central kitchen of the big chain company which was asked the amount and flavor at the same time. Through the complete training,

  Chen finally fulfilled his dream and became the best example of "Success belongs to persevering."


Chen didn't influence by the fame and helped to cultivate more prides of Keelung selflessly

  Until 2015, Chen Yong-hsin who is from Keelung, Taiwan, defeated other bakers from 12 countries, including Japan, Belgium, Italy and so on. Chen's work NiuMouWang is a 110-centimeter height Taiwanese cow shaped bread which won the world bread champion and also the special art award in France Mondial du Pain which held every twice year. When announcing Chen Yong-Hsin was the champion,

the flag of Taiwan was flying on the stage and the rhythm of Taiwan anthem was full of the building. In addition that Chen Yong-hsin was thrilled and burst into tears. Wu Pao-chun praised Chen was extraordinary in person. It was why a saying goes "South Pao-chun & Notrh Yong-hsin."


  Wu Pao-chun praised Chen Yong-hsin was so humble and hard-working. Wu encouraged him to teach his practical knowledge in school and convey more positive attitudes to influence more teenagers. Moreover, Chungyu institute of technology hired him as a professor and admired his ability. As the youngest professor in school,

Chen had many goals to achieve. Chen has a vision to creat a "Chungyu happiness bread class" which has a western style and open kitchen in school. Chungyu happiness bread class provides a leaning by doing environment and turned into a experiential tourism school.There were many plans needed to finish including alliance with other industries and providing more job opportunities for teenagers in Keelung.


  Last year was the 130th anniversary for the construction of Keelung port. Chen Yong-hsin designed 1300 pieces of the Keelung port image shaped breads to celebrate its birthday. Chen and the mayor of Keelung city - Lin, Yu-Chang distributed

breads to the center of children and family in Keelung and many charities.

  Although the outside of bread is simple, but the inside is very plentiful. If you taste this bread, you can sense the flavor of ocean. The mayor of Keelung city - Lin, Yu-Chang praised this bread combined the local culture and healthy concept same as the spirit of Keelung. Keelung is an authentic city and needs people to take more time to sense Keelung's cultures and beauty.

  Chen shared his own experience to whom has the dream of bakery. Chen said "Success belongs to persevering." Chen wanted to pass on his knowledge and cultivate more bakers. As a result, Chen became a teacher and shared more techniques to his students selflessly. Chen keeps on his choice and fulfills his dream. He is a role model for every teenager who has a dream.