Your nearby playground: Nuannuan Water Park

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  • Date:2019-09-01

Selected activities for visitors. Thousands of people celebrated on the reopening day.

  The Nuannuan Water Park is under the Shui-Yuan Bridge located on the Dong-Shi Street in Nuannuan district. The first water park in Keelung is surrounded by  mountains and rivers and is full of tranquil atmosphere.

  The park used to be the playground of local citizens. To share this astonishing paradise with more people, the Keelung city government made a budget, and the district office contracted out the water park renovation project. After three months, the park had a refurbished wooden floor on the fountain plaza and additional four slides and two rainbow archways around the pool. Children and adults had new

experience and fun with water.


Reopening of Nuannuan Water Park

  To celebrate the reopening of Nuannuan Water Park,Nuannuan District Office organized the Nuannuan Water Festival. The festival was kicked off with Amazing Bubble Show and free ice cream for each participant at the opening ceremony on July 5. Participants not only had fund but also enjoyed a cool summer. At the opening ceremony, most of them were parents and their kids. Keelung City Mayor, Lin Yu-Chang, was also present and had fun together with the public. Laughter and joy were full of the air. About thousands of people showed up on that day.

  Moreover, other activities were available to the public during the two-month festival, including water gun fights every Saturday, parent-child water painting, picnic, and the fireworks display around the Shui-Yuan Bridge to celebrate the birthday procession for Xiqin Wangye — a deity dedicated in Ling-Yi Shrine. The well-designed space for parents and children and selected activities attracted a large number of participants coming to this festival, making it a great success. Statistics showed that about 200 people visited on weekdays; about 500 people on weekends; total around 17,000 people during the festival.

  Everyone had a great time and even didn't want to go back home. The fountain plaza has 25 sprinklers, splashing the water from the surface with various types of water columns — strong and weak as well as high and low. Visitors challenged themselves how fast they could move in the plaza. On the wooden path, strong water columns formed a water tunnel. People were so excited while passing through it, and it was impossible to keep the clothes dry.


One day family trip

  More than having fun and taking photos in the Nuannuan Water Park, parents can arrange a one-day family trip around the area. Nuandong Nursery Garden has a rich and diverse ecological environment. Walking in the forest full of Phytoncide can release the stress. There are more than 300 kinds of plants; 200 kinds of butterflies and other creatures in the garden. It is a classroom of the Mother Nature in the

suburb of Keelung where visitors can get close to trees and observe birds and butterflies.

  Right next to the Nuandong Nursery Garden is Nuannuan Sports Park. There are jogging track, grass skiing area, great lawn, roller skating rinks, children's playground, basketball and tennis courts, the stage for performances, and climbing area. Many parents bring their children here to fly a kite or exercise. After running out of energy, there are many local cuisines nearby. Visitors always go home without any regret.