Be a Hipster for a Day Experience New Life Style Choices in the Rainy Harbor City

  • Category:Hot News
  • Date:2019-08-01

Nostalgic old Japanese-style houses, refreshing drizzle, the old-time air of “Consignment Shop Street,” the tempting aroma of coffee emanating from a small café, the warm texture of handmade leather goods… all can make visitors to Keelung forget how busy they are and slow down.

Highlights of Consignment Shop Shopping District

  Keelung was once the most prosperous city in Taiwan, with products available from all over the world and numerous consignment shops,over 200 in the heyday. As times have changed,today just 60-odd remain, however, beneath the marks of time, signs of the prosperity of the past are still visible. Just like the old days, elevated canopies cover the lanes, protecting people below from the rain, just like shopping streets in Japan as people who have been there will know.

  On this quiet block there are two highly popular stores, both run by young people. Cycling Life Café de MaruCorner has made a name by making good coffee and attracts many coffee lovers. The other store is a record shop with a unique style that has an impressive collection of vinyl records. Listening to melodious music from an old record player while smelling the seductive aroma of fine coffee, who wouldn’t want to stay a while? When Visiting Keelung, Do it Slowly

  Most people’s impressions of Keelung are centered on Miaokou Night Market, many missing the characterful stores hidden away nearby. For example, quite a few coffee lovers have chosen the city to set up shop in recent years; Shalom Café, hidden in a winding narrow lane, and LOKA CAFÉ, offering views of Keelung Harbor, are both good places to take a rest before continuing on your journey. Also, Peaceville Café provides all-day brunch, offering a different meal choice to travelers.

  Keelung is like a treasure trove that’s always growing, with charming small stores appearing all the time. If you haven’t wandered the streets of Keelung for a long time, why not be a hipster for a while and take a little trip full of warmth?