CCEFT and PWMT Host A Show for Children at Xinyi Junior High School on February 9th

  • Category:Hot News
  • Date:2018-02-07

Chinese Cultural and Educational Foundation Trust (CCEFT) has been doing the project, “Love Cycle Project”, from 2000; they has been sponsored Paper Wind Mill Theatre (PWMT) to host plays for children for 7 years; and they has hosted the, “Child Baseball Plan”, helping the student of Dongguang Elementary School to fulfill the baseball dream.


In the press conference on February 6th, Mayor Lin indicated that CCEFT had contributed the baseball game development in Keelung City, and, CCEFT sponsored PWMT to host a play, “The Magic Book of Paper Wind Mill”, for child in Xinyi Junior High School on February 9th. In the event, CCEFT will distribute gifts to children. CCEFT wishes the play can bring children into the area of arts, helping them to develop art skills.


There are five sections in the play: “The Dance of Witch” is like the Broadway sing and dance show to lead children into magic world;“Terracotta Warriors Rhapsody” brings in the cop and theft play to create the fun and exciting scenes; “The Sport Competition of Animals” makes the audiences interact with the actors; “The Story of Lucky Cat” teaches children to cherish the belongings by telling the story that lucky cat paid a debt of gratitude; and, the last one, “The Marvelous Black Light Play”, is using the special light and color combination show to create a beautiful stage. The five shows will give an unforgettable night.


“The Magic Book of Paper Wind Mill” will play in Xinyi Junior High School at 7:00 pm on February 9th. The show is free, thus everyone can bring children to participate in the event, enjoying the magic world show.