The Dingnei Star Basketball Court Will Open in The Year after Next, and The City’s Exercise Environment Will Go into A New Level.

  • Category:Hot News
  • Date:2018-01-23

In order to respond to the wish of the NuanNuan citizens, the city government scheduled a construction of Star Basketball Court in the No. 15 Park in Dingnei. Because of a sufficient prepared, the construction will start after the Spring Festival, and the completion will be 16.9% earlier. Mayor Lin inspected the place with Wang Yusen, the Director-General of Civil Affairs Department, and Lin Wenrong, the District Executive of NuanNuan District, and he motivated the relative units. Both of the City Councilmen Lian Endian and Lin Mingzhi applauded the city government’s effort, looking forward to the better environment in the future. Mayor Lin also rechecked the basketball courts plan, asking the construction team to improve the entire construction’s quality, including adding an extra length rain shelter. He believed the basketball courts, including a standard basketball court and three half-court basketball courts, will bring a better exercise environment for the citizens, yet the court can be used other purpose as well. He pointed out that the entire environment had been cleaned up and rearranged last year, and the DingXiang Citizen Hall, which is beside the construction area, would be rearranged together to fulfill his idea, “Arranging and Scheduling Entirely, Setting The Budget, and Completing Step by Step”. He asked the NuanNuan District Office to host basketball competitions after the completion of construction, inviting all the people having basketball habit to participate in it.